muta art ABOUT ME

I express my feelings through the colours in my paintings, making them as pure as possible. I use as much colour as possible and increase sensitivity by nuancing. I always try to control this process and not let it run freely. In my artwork I try to raise feelings from the darkest to the brightest. When I am creating, I experience wonderful moments, I no longer feel the passing of time and I lose my sense of space – as if I am weightless. I want spectators to have the same feeling when observing my artwork.

I am inspired by the great artists of the Rococo or Baroque period. I noticed that they perfectly master the composition of painting and thus reach the limits of the magic of art. This magic has always fascinated me and made me curious to get to know their work better. I avoided copying colours or methods of painting. The magic discovered in art by great artists has strengthened and enriched my painting, purifying the integrity of style. I am happy to see how such magic works. I also have recognized that painting or drawing using the cubism method meets my spiritual and material forces for the creation of a painting. Similarly, this style relaxes me and allows me to go beyond established classical dogmas. It allows for the freedom of movement within the composite space of the picture and, most of all, realizes the contact between colour and the senses.

Amidst wolves teeth would serve, and harts among angels.

Rimvydas Pupelis Muta

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